have you ever heard of the phrase snitches get stitches or sometimes snitches can be bad bitches yes No another con snitches get stitches and stitches cannot be bad bitches and I am gonna get disliked pull this video but you know what I’m ready I’m ready so color either decides because this is a serious one hello guys welcome back to my channel and listen to the story time I have for you I thought because exam results are coming out very very soon all of you guys are stressed I thought let me just give you a little story that will hopefully make you feel a bit better by yourself and I’m hoping that you guys will just distract yourself as well from the stress of exams even though I did a video and my main message is not that deep and if you like time generally and please leave a like I do have so many stories to tell you but I just don’t really know if this is what you want please leave a like and a comment and let’s just get straight into it shoving shoving am i okay so let me just set the narrative I was 19 years old and I was in my final year of a level so I was in a — going off to university when this happened and it was quite a serious situation I can’t name the college probably can’t even name the people obviously and I probably can’t even name the subject because listen I’m not getting sued I’m just no day to get sued Oxford bless you all okay now my college in terms of the social scene is very mixed majority of us are poor about him ninety percent come from fiscal Mills or like nine percent come from a poor backgrounds and we’re quite like ethnically diverse I actually ah I don’t think there was any white people in my classes in my sociology class my psychology class or my English class or the PayPal yeah I remember that the paper was white and there was a bit of a divide between like the a-level shit I like no coverlets subject so that BTech MV Coomer stuff like that and what’s it like clicky you want to be present someone you could be friends I knew a lot of people and I like to think everybody knew me just because I was a quite a strong student so teachers will talk about quite a lot Wow literally the most annoying person already now in a yes I kind of was friends with people but in a — I definitely like calm down and I was just so focused on my work guys like work work work that should come some I worked in my studies I worked a job and I worked in terms of like just working as a bad beat so I did a lot and I made new friends that were more focused and more hard-working so the group who this stories about and some dissociating myself from them and I started to actually be friends with people like you were on it and so I was I’m obviously I worked out because these people will find out about their grades but anyways there were food groups in this college and one group this facing the stories about them now the people in this group there’s about three of them we need to focus on the first one what should we call them we’ll call him cats I have a cheetah robe cheetah because they are cheetah cat cats the second one we’ll call Dobby toes and the third one chair because yeah chair is stiff there we’ve was also stiff perfect so cat do be wasn’t chaired the other men couches and in the world like some spicy rise there was some garlic but they were just so like irrelevant they’re just sightings to this story so they’re important but they’re kind of Felicia sure at the same time now I had lessons with cat Doritos and Cheer I won’t tell there’s a subject I bar and they see not very academic people in first year they were doing well I was doing well as well I was at a part-time job and we were just sort of like support one another there was it a competition between us all I think that’s just natural students but I think went on I got quite confident in like being a hell of a student and they were confident as well but when we got out our mock reserves back mount always be a bit higher and so we started to like basically lose that competition because it really wasn’t that sounds even more arrogant but we just we work on people but I neveri were just friends and then I started to care very much about education so when we had a yes to a to transition week I obviously attended all of the lessons and you know I had to because obviously is popular attendance as well but they would come to school or college or sixth form and they will just chill in the canteen and they wouldn’t even go to the asta to lessons so I’m thinking I why are you even here like are you okay this your dad’s house for you to be chillin take your sandals off and to put your barefoot on chairs just to like what people can smell your gonorrhea no thank you so they were just here chillin not going lesson it’s basically banking and mass it’s one is the ghetto so you can bump or you can let you like so jobs we’ve had fires we’ve had we prom the floor that we’ve had everything and they don’t know anybody cares and I guess that’s just that’s just that college for you anyways so when I obviously saw these people like chillin and not me doing anything car not caring about this studies even though you’re in school and okay bye and see wanna see if you like I just knew that I came here to work I came here to get my grades and that was always the mentality especially when I got my ears results like even though yeah I got some lower grades I always like this is it this is it like every day I focused on work and they didn’t so dissociate myself completely and that was it right like throughout the year I had my part-time job I was working I was doing his MO and they would do in hickory dickory dock but this is where it gets messed up because now come April our exam timetable comes out now chair Doritos and cat I was in their chili group and when they got the exam timetable dates clashed now cat had two subjects that were clashing the one that we ordered let’s say that was sociology which was p.m. and then chemistry which was p.m. as well and the people in charge of exams they made him take sociology first and then chemistry these times all of us the whole of the UK is doing sociology at p.m. but they’re doing socially jack a.m. so long story short cap got to do the paper before everybody else and when he saw that and the smile they had and the same smart that dorito had and she had assessed them shut up I was that don’t she like what’s the point you’re obviously gonna see the questions before don’t then go toilet get your phone out and start calling Dobie O’s in chair and Chee that what’s the point of that and they’re like of course I am I’m thinking that is this what is this what is this is this you this is what your mom raised like so I’m cheating unmoral unethical devil wow that’s so no they’re not a devil they’re just comfortable I wanna clean they did just go to dr. summer school before starting a two so maybe that’s not very much then anyways the reason why I said don’t cheat because they’ve done it before when we had mock exams oh my god they would always miss it I know call dibs they’ll call me about hey how was the paper it was hard Oh what questions came up it was hard I’m sorry what I’m not going to tell what the questions are because you need to change yourself and also my teacher works hard to get this mark if you miss it you should have then benefit and then get a good grade and then sorry no so I’m gonna be in favor of the system I’m not going to tell you the questions I’m not gonna let you cheat I believe that that is not morally correct or morally right is that even dogmatically correct oh god I’m a turkey right so anyways I’m no gonna cheat and I said don’t cheat and then they said yeah and I was just like okay let me just leave it now calm exam season yeah I’m revising every single day 12 hours I went to my nameís library and I was doing 10:00 a.m. when it into 8 p.m. at night came home had food dude 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and then when I was going to sleep I would do as he plans to put me to sleep that’s how I was on it right and I was stressed as well because I really wanted good grades so I’m working hard they’re not get a call from my friend said oh my god guess what they gonna cheat they’ve already said it like WS chair can’t have also a tart and they’re gonna tell garlic but inside bread all the answers and they’re gonna cheat and that pissed me off a lot and I’ll tell you why later on but that pissed me off because I’m sorry you can’t cheat so what happened I then go and tell the teacher of the subject we dude that was similar on making the sheet in I was at excuse me this is what’s gonna happen they’re gonna cheat they’re gonna go do the paper early before anyone else has I’m gonna go to the toilet they’re gonna get a phone out of God knows what if it’s a headscarf if it’s the boxers I don’t know what they’re gonna get their phone out and they’re gonna call other people and tell them the questions I don’t want to cheat first of all because I like I said I don’t think that’s right and also it’s just it’s just not fair but anyways I told the teacher that I’m not cool let’s go sort this out with the person in charge of exams so we got there together I’m not listening this is the plan and I also measure to them how there have been other cheats before let me tell you how people cheat in this College and I don’t envision the college’s fault or if it’s the staff members or just the person in charge of it they just don’t know what they’re doing but it’s so easy to cheat you know you can go in with coats in right any other school they will tell you typical coats off you can go into this example with a big coat let it happen someone comes in yet with a coat they go in the example they look at the paper they look at the questions they put it down then then walk out because no one’s watching them that’s how that’s how that this place is so then they leave I mandala okay so we obviously you were scared so I’m there right in half in a profit and stressing and also like just doing this psychology exam day I see this person walked back in oh my god so did you just go to cry for like literally an hour and 10 minutes it’s out 20 mins left of the exam they walk in or smiley I’m thinking okay they sit down I’m carrying on studying and just doing my exam right then the exam finishes and I walk out and I hear or did you cheat did you cheat that’s what my man did he walked in with his coat on right looked at the paper looked at the questions he took at the exam you know the sheet that you write on he took that in his pocket he then left to go to the prey they’re not at the textbook and they wrote down all the answers on the exam paper they down walked back in an hour late and then with their cut one again sat down but everyone was busy they sneakily got the paper BAM there you go that’s my exam Darrin done who thinks of this how are you that possessed for you to think of this like conniving auction 3029 plan like it’s literally mi-26 how are you able to do this I this is clearly some spy like some Cody Banks spies shit and when I find that I was really pissed off because sorry I work my ass off the whole year and then I see people like who don’t deserve these grades who don’t deserve these grades smiling because they cheated and I’m just thinking like that’s just not right and they just pop a mess up so that I actually told her I didn’t say who did that say who I don’t know I don’t know me know me ask even Laura and that’s what yeah people watch in other ways they’re good go to the exam yeah oh I need to go to the toilet they go to the toilet yeah obviously they can’t follow you in the toilet or maybe they can but obviously this College don’t really know what the hell they’re doing they put the exam textbooks this is that bin okay they went in the toilets near the exam and they hit the exam textbooks here in between the bin liners how do you I don’t understand how you think of this like the devil is real and they’re even high textbooks in the ceiling my college again I don’t know maybe because it was broken down or cuz the government cause but I see them like you could lift it up if that make sense that they were all squares and you can lift some of them up lift it up you put the book there close it hi can I go toilet please during the exam they walk out go toilet done they got the grades but me dust up there anyways I found this how after this happens and I didn’t we know who the people were so I told the college that this happens so please be careful let me know in right now in the comments below if you think this is right or wrong but anyway so this is what happened so I tell the examiners now what’s gonna happen what cat is gonna do do Rios and you know the stiff weave chair and then I okay fine yeah thanks for telling us we’re gonna make sure this does not happen we’re going to make sure that this is solved hey do you mean you’re gonna do your job but anyways so then I’m like at peace now cuz I’m thinking okay great now I go and I do my exam and it went really well it was kind of hard but I sort of photons uppercase I’m gonna be a race star again arigon I need to be stopped please like this guys cuz you know how I’m gonna get Stanley dislikes so anyways on that exam I go home she then prepare for my next to them you know I had 12 exams of my final year of a level a to 12 exams but anyways so then I get a call telling me oh they cheated someone obviously have indeed and I was like what how because when I went for the exam they finally were coats off checking bags I was at yes finally just do your jobs I figure how did we cheat up we ask you an all Kung Fu Panda on them how on earth did they cheat they went toilet and apparently you can’t follow them in the toilet so then they were able to do what they had to do which I was feeling I would actually really pissed off to be honest with you I was really pissed off and I’ll tell you why later on then after that I’ll go to these I’m officer I’m not yo like what is up there cheating right I thought you guys when a solving like it’s not right like come on and the reply was oh because everything about it would you have enough evidence how are you going to have the village that somebody cheated like if you if how how could how could I get evidence there is no then that means that anyone can cheat because the tenant gate is their evidence unless you actually catch them by their doing it there’s no evidence I’m thinking okay this college sorry by but me being the dramatic person I am I don’t write a letter to a QA and to the principal and I said this is what happened and I gave him a statement of everything I heard then the exam officer calls you back and then they want me to do a proper like our formal interview all this crap crap so I’m thinking okay so now I’ve actually told a QA now you want to be serious are you actually okay so I do a formal letter I’m doing interviews I’ve got screenshots and voice recordings I’m ready for this right and I send it off and then I’m told all this has happened before with the same person cap I’m thinking what cat is actually crazy what he did was apparently in another exam and this was for a science exam they knew someone that worked in the OCR exam board for the subject for science subject and the person they knew who were to OCR found a our script and they emailed it to this person to cat who then printed it off maybe a day or a couple of hours before the exam and was showing everyone in the canteen like I your showing everyone and then the teacher comes and they’re like what is that I’m a clock you do and then this person is literally a cheater a liar a pathological liar for them to think that what they’re doing is right how do they have spies in OCR in like what is this then Oh see I’ve got involved and then they have to do interviews with like 25 students who were who some were my friends that were having fire because a mum was snitching on each other anymore was cussing each other out cuz nobody wants to get disqualified for five years from OCR that’s what was gonna happen I’m not just in that subject if any other subject that you did that was OCR they would they would they will ban you and that’s what happened there to people or the people who were involved in that in that marks scheme scam one of them was care they didn’t get no a nor B no C no Dino E they got X X X and a be in another subject because they did that a year before like a whole a level but anyways X X X but the fact that the college knew about this I’m thinking so are you can actually expel them because then you’ve got two cars of cheating you’re not doing anything and I also mentioned do we talk and show because in the exam right do we tow was a high comical yes under the art that she was saying it like they were actually baiting that they knew don’t oh my god yes I know but I know it never we got the test when we got the taste like saying it’s so nice out behind me an exam I’m thinking so you just confirm that you cheated thank you very much and that the end of life oh that exam went great thank God I knew the answers you’re actually just saying it loud loud do you want people to find out but anyways so they told me they were you show me that Doritos and che will also get in trouble for it fine calm great come without saying now they obviously need a snitch but I don’t give a crap because my and I’ll tell you why I give a crap and the person cat got xxx and failed and then the other two they were weird and they actually got grades and they actually went to uni the college did you anything about it do we always I think or SC overall they got an A in the people they cheated on and they got like DS another ones and Cheer got an A overall for that subject and the worst thing is though is hiding their sheets because for the other subjects they got D D D a okay not see the anomaly they got a B na s and they got almost full marks in the people who cheated on and they got like I see in the other paper so somehow he called it to an a and I just did that okay so this college basically is a liar and this is some ways correctness that I know by and there was a mom who actually felt a bit bad cuz I was like did they cheat for a reason maybe they do because they had it really hard and they thought like I have no other choice maybe daily the struggle and they had to cheat right to survive we live in an education system that favors are setting demographic so the only way for them to be on a level with that demographic is for them to cheat no it’s not okay this is why up in stage and this is why I don’t care this is what I did it so listen yeah how dare you cheat I did not work my ass off the whole year for you to cheat and this is what really really really pissed me off let me give you a scenario okay so let’s just say your best you you let’s call you beautiful so you’re welcome so beautiful as you are right you have gone off to study geography at York University and you need a be B okay cool you’ve worked your ass off but you’ve also had a part-time job you’ve also had some baby so you’ve also had the same struggles but you still worked hard now come result stay you don’t get a BB you get a B C and you miss your firm and then you have to go to insurance or you go through clearing you miss your firm by how many grades by a one grain let’s make Eva specifically you get a B C and let’s see you miss of a B by one mark one mark so you miss your University pace which you worked your ass off these times Dorito chair cat has got the offer they’ve got a star a a or a star B B because they cheated in that one exam and they didn’t work hard from the killing they cheat in every mock exam we they didn’t go to any lessons they were rude they were negative they were horrible teacher so they’ve now got a star BB and they go who clearing and they take your place so you’ve now missed your place would you work hard for and it’s been given to someone who hasn’t went hard but cheered I did it for you beautiful I felt like I had to be the bigger person and I had to do it for you we can’t have cheese this system is messed up sometimes there but the one thing that we have to hold on to and just hope is the belief that there is a meritocracy within education because you cannot you can’t cheat and I was I’m sorry I’ve got you for them they didn’t deserve these grades and also they sat behind me in the exam so these some things I’m not is going through every single one of our papers right they probably look at I might I think if this is grey very passionate handwriting is a joke guys my Hannah as a joke we’ll give him maybe a be noble give him an A then they see the person behind me who chillin this is amazing they’re on point they’re gonna get a star their grade boundaries has this got up now for my college or my cohort and now what could have been a is our B for me so no I’ve missed my afar technically so I think I do for you I always had to do it for myself cuz the other day yes of course we’re poor each other but when it comes down to exams just don’t cheat like that’s just gonna start that’s the reason why I do and that’s reason why I did feel bad and if they find this out they obviously know I did it and if they want to call me and be like how and you put it on YouTube bitch I don’t give a shit half on it like I don’t actually care and I don’t feel bad at all and the reason why it was living people like me and you who have worked their ass off yeah regardless of what we’ve gone through and being a my own when food we still work our ass off you guys now are going to get your results on Thursday it might not be good but even if it’s bad I want you guys to feel happy and feel confident but you know what at least I tried some people don’t try and they cheap so for you guys who now have your results coming out imagine if you guys missed your offer god forbid touchwood imagine if you guys mister are far because Bob and Felicia and and Jeffrey were cheating it’s not fair I forgot their names it’s not fair when you go take your results on Thursday or whatever day I want you guys to feel proud because you did it you didn’t have to cheat to get those grades you worked your ass off right given your own circumstances which no one can control even knew you worked your I worked my ass off and so we should be proud you should be proud that you didn’t drop out of your exams could people do that you should be proud that you didn’t have to cheat because some people do that and they better how you look like that fake for your moral or even religiously for me jinger’s are no so bi can’t skirt by you’re down by they now go to whatever you need and everything they’re doing well because I could smell them from here that’s so rude and so the moral of this whole story is that you guys should be proud of yourselves cheaters will undermine the system that you did not cheat what ever grade you get even if it’s free DS free these free seeds freebies beats HBA stars be proud of you didn’t cheat here those grades you worked your ass off and you’re gonna learn from this experience and just further yourself further your academic ability and further your journey with an education you’ll go to uni you’ll get great grades you do a master you get great grades on your PhD and then you’ll go change the world my point is that learning from these people I’m learning from just life in general be proud of your results when you get them anyway something you get from the whole academic year be proud you guys I hope you enjoyed that I hope it wasn’t too boring for you but for me it was pretty juicy but guys thank so much watching please honestly please give this a like and also comment if you want more story times because I might do one about exit’ are cuz that university is another that’s not my problem but guys I love you so much good luck good luck on your results and I’m not wishing like that you guys get good grades because I’ve done I’m wishing you guys good luck on being able to deal with what outcome you have and all just good luck that you guys learn to be happy and content what grades you get I love you guys so much I’m still filming Bruno I’m still filming half an hour um what was I saying for that bitch interrupted me

How to write an Abstract for Research Paper || Dr Ali Sajid

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